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Screenshots and files to reproduce the same or related problem

As you say, it's hard to reproduce: in a 150k word document, it occurred to
only a small percentage of the text.

I tried to reproduce it tonight.  I can't make sense of what LO has done, in
the example provided: while it hasn't changed the italics, it changed the
paragraph style, the font, and the font size, in varying ways that made no
sense to me.

I have attached screenshots of what I saw, the source document and target
document, and annotated copies of the source doc and the target.

The target document's text is copied from Wikipedia.  
The steps to reproduce are:

1. Place the cursor after "import/export filters.[8][9]" in
2. Hit Enter
3. Select all and copy from copy-paste.odt
4. Paste into copy-paste-target.odt
5. Observe the result.

It's actually worse than this: when I re-opened the file copy-paste.odt, the
fonts did not appear as I recalled (i.e. as you will see displayed in the
screenshots provided).  In particular, the text for the references/hyperlinks
"[8][9]" is in a larger font, and I'm not even sure it's the same font.

The text for the target document was created by opening a new Text doucment,
selecting the text from the 1st four paragraphs of, and pasting into that new document.

I hope this information is helpful.

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