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Tested again in the following version:

Id. de compilación: 1:5.2.1~rc2-0ubuntu1~trusty0
Subprocesos de CPU: 4; Versión de SO: Linux 3.13; Renderizado de IU:
Configuración regional: en-US (es_AR.UTF-8); Calc: group

Situation has been really improved since now at least, the chart isn't moved to
the left, outside the slide. Moreover, it remains in the same relative place
_if_ there are the same amount of toolbars in the Impress and Chart apps. If,
however, there are different number of toolbars, the chart is moved as shown in
the screenshots.
Moreover, the problem is _still_ present in the Math app.

0) Set different amount of toolbars in Chart and Impress 
1) Open the new example file: it's actually the same as the original, but now
it has a black line drawn to show the position. (screenshot 3)
2) Enter in the edit mode for the chart:

Result: the chart is shown in a different position regarding the original
relative position in the slide. (Again, it remains perfectly in the same place
if there are the same number of toolbars). 
This is screenshot 4.

3) Enter in the edit mode for the equation in the file

Result: the relative position changes completely: the slide it self moves
around, and the formula appears in the middle of the screen. (However, the
selection marks are in the correct place, see screenshot 5)

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