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The bug is still present in 

Id. de compilación: 1:5.2.1~rc2-0ubuntu1~trusty0
Subprocesos de CPU: 4; Versión de SO: Linux 3.13; Renderizado de IU:
Configuración regional: en-US (es_AR.UTF-8); Calc: group

Some additional comments:

It's not possible to delete the "313.15 K Li (1981)" text on the last series.
Moreover, it's possible to multiply the amount of "313.15 K Li (1981)" strings.

1) Enter in the edit mode of the first chart.
2) Go to the "data table" window via right click.
3) Erase the string "sdfaksdjjfnaskdljfna .d " in the thrid series name, and

Result: the amount of "313.15 K Li (1981)" string is 2 now.

4) Enter again in the data table window, and add some text at the begining of
the series name. Exit the window
5) Enter again, and erase the new text.

Result: now, the amount of ""313.15 K Li (1981)" string is  3.

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