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I can confirm the bug is still present with v5.2.1.2 on windows 7 home premium.
If the second screen's data connection is disconnected before a libreoffice
application is run, and then is connected while the LO application is still
running, if you drag the running program window to the second screen, all tool
tips are limited to the far right edge of the first screen.

It looks like the positioning of the tool tip has it's (x + width) position
truncated/checked against the screen width when the program loaded, instead of
against the current screen width.
an option would be that if the placement x position is larger than the recorded
screen width, then the current screen width should be updated, and the
positioning then re-checked. something like the following psudo-code
if ((tooltip.x+tooltip.width)>screen.width) {
  /* re-get screen width in case it has changed */
  if ((tooltip.x+tooltip.width)>screen.width) {
    /* adjust x position of tooltip so it fits on screen */
in the tooltip position checking routine would likely resolve the issue.

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