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Build ID: 31dd62db80d4e60af04904455ec9c9219178d620
CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Linux 4.4; UI Render: default; 
Locale: ru-RU (en_GB.UTF-8); Calc: group

I can make the soffice go to 40+ % of cpu load in `top` by pressing and holding
Page rulers switch off and on when page scrolling with perceptible delay.
Delay on 'About' dialog is about 1 sec, maybe more (didn't stopwatch it).
All that's with 'gtk' backend.

With 'gen' vcl backend the cpu load reachable with holding down the PgDn is up
to 25%, however, the other delays look about the same.

The fonts number, like discussed before, is 209.

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