--- Comment #9 from Thomas Krumbein <> ---
Unfortunately the bug is back.

So - the bug has changed a little bit.

While contacting Amazon they have correct their file-output and a short time
everything was ok.

then - with new libO version - again a error occurs.  

this happened with 5.0.? and it is still alive.

Problem now: Calc shows #name?  in calculated cells.

I have made some investigations: 

Amazon worked with named ranges in formulas (see picture 1 -  20160920a.png )

But looking to the definition in LibO - all names ended with a bracked (see
picture2 - 20160920b.png) - and I believe, this is am error of the import
(migration xlsx to calc?)

actual system:
Version: (x64)
Build-ID: 31dd62db80d4e60af04904455ec9c9219178d620
CPU-Threads: 4; BS-Version: Windows 6.19; UI-Render: Standard; 
Gebietsschema: de-DE (de_DE); Calc: group

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