Bug ID: 102315
           Summary: EDITING: Increase/Decrease Font Size do not work
                    reliable in Table selections
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: rc
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Writer

The Increase / Decrease Font size tools do not work reliable on the first click
if used on a selected Row in a Table within Writer. The font is only increased
for a specific Cell on the first Use of the tool. When using for the second and
third time etc, all selected Cells text font size will be increased. Still the
different Cells have different Font size!

I reproduced this on LO-Writer Version: Build ID:
Locale: de-DE (en_GB.UTF-8)

As well as with the latest downloadable portable version for Windows Version

The behaviour seems to me as 100% consistently reproducible if you always
follow the same steps.

Usecase: you want to make the text in the second row smaller than in the first 
row quickly.

There is a difference in behavior, which seems to depend on the way you select
the Cells of a row. I will describe them both

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Have an empty Document
2. Add a Table by using the toolbar button. Make the table at least 3 Rows and
3 Columns
3. Add any text to every Column


Now Select the second row, by clicking and holding the FIRST Cell in the second
row and dragging your Mouse to the RIGHT.


Now Select the second row, by clicking and holding the LAST Cell in the second
row and dragging your Mouse to the LEFT.

5. Use The Font Increase or Decrease Tool
6. Make sure selection is not changed. Use the Font Increase or Decrease Tool
(but make sure you use the same again as in Step 5!)
7. Check result

Expected Results:
1. Document is Empty
2. An empty Table is created with 3 rows and 3 columns
3. Text can be added to every cell

4. The Row can be selected either way as described in A or B

5. Depending on which tool you used, each Text in Each column of Row 2 is
increased or decreased.
6. Again, each text in each column of Row 2 is increased or decreased

Actual Result:
Step 1 to 4 => Fine everything works as expected


If Selection was made using Step 4-A only the Text of the First Cell, i.e. the
left most column in Row 2 is increased or decreased

If the selection was made using Step 4-B - and now ladies and gentlemen it gets
tricky - only the Text in the second Cell from the right corner is increased.

If the Table is 3x3, it will be the Cell in the middle (Row 2, Column 2). 
If the Table is 3 Rows, 4 Columns (3x4), it will be the Cell in Row 2, Column 3
If the Table is 3 Rows, 5 Columns (3x5), it will be the Cell in Row 2, Column 4

6. All selected text is increased or decreased, works fine, if you just analyse
this step as a single step without the steps before.

While i started playing around, i found even more possibilities of this Tool
not working when rows or part of Tables are selected in different ways.

Multi Rows:
When you have 4 Rows and select the two middle rows (i.e. 2 and 3). It not only
depends in which direction (left / right) you select the columns, but also
which row you select first.

It also makes a difference if you first select the first column of row 3, go up
one cell and then go right to select the full two rows. I'm not writing a
lengthy description of all possibilities...

Multiple Cell text select:
If you select lets say the text of 2 different cells by using the CTRL key and
selecting the text (not the actual cell), the first use of the
increase/decrease tool does not work at all. The second use then changes both
cells properly.

What matters is: not all cells are updated - but interestingly this works on
the Second Use of the tool, but still, the cell that was the only cell being
updated in the first step needs to be changed again because it is
increased/decreased one step to much.

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