--- Comment #13 from János Néhrer <> ---
Tested in the following environment:
Win 8.1 x86-64
Build ID: 31dd62db80d4e60af04904455ec9c9219178d620

Observations are as follows:

1. When setting page style of the first page, the first paragraph gets a page
break set. It is set even if the same page style is applied again to the same
page. It is set for any page style, not just First Page. It is set only on the
very first paragraph of the document (tested with setting page style on page 2
with text flown there, no paragraph change was experienced).

2. When copying the whole paragraph, page break is inserted.

3. When copying some letters from the first paragraph, pasting doesn't insert
page breaks any more.

Observation 1 happens for unknown reason. If there is an issue, the issue is
Observation 2 is working as designed.
Observation 3 shows that the original report is resolved.

I suggest to close the bug as fixed and either report Observation 1 as a new
bug or document it to make it working as designed.

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