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@ comment 1.

> not sure if you can distinguish 0.01 mm on your screen

The problem exists with lines that are meant to be perfectly horizontal or
perfectly vertical. It is particularly visible with connectors. Even a minimal
skew between the y (or x) coordinate of the end points and you will see a
"step" in the line at some zooming level. This is not just slightly disturbing
during the editing of an image, more important it looks unprofessional if it
happens in a presentation (as if you had not dedicated enough care in its

@ comment 3

> Maybe I am wrong, but I guess the root cause of the problem is that the base 
> unit in the code would be the inch.

Unlikely. I believe that the internal drawing layer should work using 1/100th
mm in 32-bit integer. So, the issue /might/ due to the fact that unneeded
conversions back and forth imperial and metric units happen at some time.

Note that a related issue had been reported for OO back in 2005
( and also remaining open. Comment seems particularly
interesting in showing that the ODF specification provides space to address the
matter (i.e., the limitation does not come from there).

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