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(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #3)
> (In reply to Joel Madero from comment #1)
> > Also asking UX if this was done on purpose...
> Not that I know. Testing with 5.3 I can effectively use a precision of
> 1/1000cm as well as 1/100pt using the sidebar. So its not clear to me where
> the issue comes from, 4.2 or a special input. => NEEDINFO

Just tested with a daily build and find that there is something really odd
going on here. If you set the line spacing on the sidebar to, let's say, fixed
at 14.4 pts that number will stay at 14.4 pts *there*, but the text will be far
more stretched that that, in fact if you go now to the paragraph formatting
you'll find that the line spacing is set at 26 pts!

To see this better, go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice(Dev) Writer → General
and change the Measurement units to points. 

Another example: Fixed of 15 pts on the paragraph formatting shows as Fixed of
8.5 pts on the sidebar.

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