--- Comment #7 from Michael Stahl <> ---
the situation has much improved since 4.2, but i'm still seeing changes...

* there are big improvements in 4.3.7 vs. 4.2.8
* then in 5.0.6 i see no change between non-printing characters on/off
  but the rendering looks flawed in both modes as i don't think the
  dotted red circles belong
* then 5.1.5/current 5.2/current master are rather good but there
  are still some small changes in the diacritic marks when toggling NP chars:
  - some "underlines" move up to the baseline
  - one mark in the 4th line from the bottom moves from "upper right corner"
    down to the baseline
  - there is a very tiny change in horizontal positioning (kerning?)
    of some of the glyphs

btw this is all with the GodaGr.ttf file that was attached at bug 70666:

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