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(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #3)
> If we ask users if the start center should behave like the file manager,
> what do you think they reply? Or alternatively we ask for single vs. double
> click preference and additionally how the execution is done in the file
> manager. I bet there is nearly 100% correlation.

As the start center is about selection and not about management, i believe they
would say that it shouldnt behave like a file manager. Different users will
prefer the single or double click preference on their DE and in their file
manager, but the start center isnt a file manager.

> The question is also kind of Linux sophism since Windows has always double
> click execution. Or am I wrong here?

A user can change to single click execution on windows if they like.

> My second argument was that you limit the options for the UI with single
> click, meaning there is, for instance, no selection without execution (not
> talking about multi-selection). And the right click aka context menu without
> selection may work but would be really weird and contradictory to usability.

If there is a UI option that is negatively affected by the single click
activation, please let me know, as i dont see it. We dont have mult-selection
or drag and drop for reorganization, so there isnt any other option that comes
to mind that warrants a double click activation.

Checked MSO's start center and it activates recent documents and templates with
single click.

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