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I am using the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Home.  I cannot find the
directories listed in the web page that you referenced.  Nor can I find the
directories listed in the "Options - LibreOffice - Paths" window this opened
when I selected Options from the Tools menu.  Then selected "LibreOffice" and
"Paths" from the tree in the left pane. In fact, there is no AppData directory
under C:\Users\Gary so many of the paths are not found on my system.  So I do
not know how to rename my directory profile as you requested.

The module that I was trying to remove was in the library container
Specimens.odb in the "OpenOther" library module name "Form".  This problem
seems to be transient as I was able to remove the module after recovering the
document.  Sorry - I know these are the toughest kind of bugs to diagnose as I
have been a software developer for decades my self.

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