--- Comment #37 from Armin Le Grand (CIB) <> ---
We could poke around vcl here, all platforms except Linux already use
HW-Scaling of bitmaps - this should simply be available nowadays, even on
Linux. At least the orig pix data is now handed over so that the
quality/scaling decision is possible inside the low-level part at all. Before
SW scaled somewhere (with bad quality) and used that - not any control below.
If it is still not possible to use HW-scaling on Linux I would evtl. try to add
a '#ifdef UNX'ed buffered even-more-low-level bitmap primitive like
'AlreadyScaledBitmapOne' that is buffered/created automatically in the
low-level BitmapPrimitive2D (which is minimal in holding the orig pixel data
and the transformation)

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