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Comments on the recovered file.

Thank you, Aron. Your comment was helpful and appreciated.

Here are some comments on the recovered file. 
1. The section has been ignored.  The recovered file contains only the original
section.  The indices,etc. outside of the section were not recovered.
2. The first few pages of the recovered file have the page style changed to the
endnote page style.  This includes a header change.
3. The page enumeration which had been put into a frame is missing, both frame
and page number
4.Cross references have been reduced to a single cross reference.
5.Rendering for some pages has been changed, that is, paragraphs have spilled
over to the following page, or conversely, shortened to bring a paragraph or
part of a paragraph into a preceding page.
6. Endnotes have remained endnotes, but the notation has gone from arabic to

I used your insight to command Ctrl End which interrupted the gyrating, and
found the indices, which I copied to a separate file without difficulty. 

Feeling more confident, I commanded Ctrl Home, which jumped me to the beginning
of the file.  The formatting was just as with the initial file.  The section
appeared; the page style was correct; frames for the page numbers appeared.  So
I attempted to save the first few pages, but the system crashed when I scrolled
to the page with the first footnote.  I suspect we are interrupting the
gyrating, but it still continues like a background activity until the crash.

Hope this helps.


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