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--- Comment #15 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
(In reply to Armin Le Grand (CIB) from comment #9)
> I personally use non-printing characters as blanks and CR in my code editor,
> and it would be possible to do this for EditEngine, too, but - the question
> is - where is the win?

I would assume that it would be a win in writer for a setting that affects all
text of the document to also affect text in shapes and textboxes, else it feels
like broken functionality.

> Of course one glance on the EditView compared with
> klicking in it and using the cursor keys to travel over the parts in
> question, but really quite some work to be done to do this and to guarantee
> that this is only shown in the EditViews.

Well using the cursor key wont tell you if a space is a regular space or a
non-breaking space, or with soft hyphens appearing as if something is between
the two characters, but a user unfamiliar with it wouldnt know what it was and
possibly would delete it.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 102345] [META] Formatting marks (aka Non-printing characters) bugs and
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