--- Comment #2 from Heiko Tietze <> ---
Guess most users are aware of what "Insert as Link" (only "[ ] Link" here)
means and will rather be confused from this change because "reference" reminds
to the bibliography. And there is a big warning dialog afterwards...

The question came up with the change of hyperlink to link, which now makes the
other 'links' weird. Taking this as the reason of the suggested change we
should try to stay as close to the current term as possible. So how about
"Insert as reference"?

By the way, the image dialog contains a section for the _link_ where the
filename is stored. This label needs to get changed accordingly. It's also
possible to insert media as link (no idea how to access the properties for
media except per toolbar). Objects (OLE: further) can be inserted as _symbol_,
the properties dialog contains a _link_ tab.

We should also talk about the bigger picture:
* "Link" are all hyperlinks to external content
* "Cross-reference" is a link to an object within the document
* "Reference" should be the term used for non-embedded local objects

However, the "Hyperlink..." function starts a dialog that allows to insert an
URL, a mail address, or (local) documents. And Edit > Reference contains
footnote/endnote, indexes, and bibliography stuff.

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