--- Comment #17 from Warren Mars <> ---
Let me make this perfectly clear for anyone who happens to come across this
Libre Office is a bloated, bug-ridden piece of crap.
Whole sections don't work properly.
Bug are reported but never fixed.
The only people that do anything are the little clerks who wander around and
tut-tut when anybody complains.
As you can see here the favourite way that this organisation has of solving
bugs is to simply close a bug report with a "works for me". Problem solved!

Unless all you tin-pot little pests get a right royal kick up your arse, and
start actually solving problems instead of pretending that they don't exist
there is no conceivable way that Libre Office will ever be a viable alternative
to the hated MS Office. Not that I care, I gave up expecting anything from you
dropkicks years ago.

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