Bug ID: 103152
           Summary: [META] Writer image bugs and enhancements
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: Inherited From OOo
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Writer
        Depends on: 80510, 80511, 80659, 83256, 86350, 87360, 87362,
                    87720, 87963, 90070, 90805, 92390, 95552, 101824,
                    36486, 80725, 90319, 100340

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 36486] Replace an existing image in a document with another
[Bug 80510] Image information in picture dialog's picture tab
[Bug 80511] "Save Graphic" Should Default to Original Image Extension
[Bug 80659] Non-accelerated / non-cached image scaling ...
[Bug 80725] EDITING: right-click replace image option
[Bug 83256] Import support for open image formats - ORA and XCF
[Bug 86350] CONTEXT MENU: Renaming 'Rotate Image' to 'Rotate & Flip' and add
rotate and flip functions
[Bug 87360] Spacing to content should be disabled for images
[Bug 87362] TOOLBAR: New image toolbar
[Bug 87720] Default insert image anchor, wrapping, and spacing
[Bug 87963] Add percentage value to new calculated compressed image size
[Bug 90070] Adding a border and spacing to content shrinks the size on an image
[Bug 90319] Image flip vertically or horizontally not working with png files in
[Bug 90805] TOOLBAR: Enabling border color on an image should enable border
[Bug 92390] STATUSBAR: Object/Image size and position do not fit their assigned
[Bug 95552] Imagemap links dont longer work with ctrl+click
[Bug 100340] Compress Image dialog too wide
[Bug 101824] Rasterizing vector images in compress dialog dont take resized
size into account
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