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Thanks for pointing out. 

I agree. The previous patch added a space irrespective of the fact whether or
not numbering was done( For example - in attached file toc.odt, the previous
patch also added a space to Heading-1 "Null" which wasn't even numbered and
hence didn't require spacing. Comment 6 mentions the same problem).

My patch merely made sure that spacing is applied only when numbering is
available( leaving the Heading 1 "Null" in toc.odt and taking care of all other

So, what in addition needs to be done is - if the user has specified something
between <E#> and <E> ( a space or some other character ) we don't need the
default spacing to be applied. And in all other cases we need the default
spacing to be applied. Is that so? Please confirm, and I will commit a patch
soon accordingly.


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