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(In reply to Martin Nathansen from comment #23)
> I agree with Noels comment on patch set 5:  "I suspect that this works on
> WIndows because Windows is converting the shortcut to an absolute path
> before handing it to LibreOffice, whereas Linux is not."

Yes, that's absolutely correct

> However, since we cannot fix this issue on the Linux file system, it needs
> to be fixed in LibreOffice.
> For us in Munich there are two regressions regarding this issue:
> (1) when migrating from MS Windows to Linux and 
> (2) when upgrading from our old Limux Basisclient to a newer one. 
> IMO this is really a bug which needs to be fixed in the LO master.

Whereas this statement is absolutely incorrect.
This is not a bug.
You (or your users) are used to some way of working with documents, that is
offered by Windows: using shortcuts. Shortcuts are files that Explorer.exe
(shell) opens, not OS or LO. Please take note of this fact! Explorer.exe (or
rather Shell32.dll) parses the contents of the file, reads the original path to
file, and then starts associated program with original path to file.

Migrating to Linux, you see its Symlink and expect it to behave the same. And
when it does not, you assume it's a bug. But it isn't. Symlink is not, and
wasn't designed to be, the same as Windows Shortcut. It isn't processed by
shell, but its name is passed to program by shell as is. The program (LO)
passes it to OS file management functions. And those functions (on OS level)
retarget to original file.

Linux Symlinks work exactly like Windows Symlinks. Only Windows doesn't have UI
to work with them, while Linux has. Windows Shortcuts are another feature. It
has its counterpart on Linux: shell scripts. You may create shell scripts which
contain command to open original file, and put them wherever you need. Just
Linux doesn't have convenient UI to cteate such "shortcuts".

Of course, program *is able* to do some extra work by itself to detect that the
file is actually symlink, and change its processing. But the real problem is,
that doing so, it will disable native mode of operation, that users of the OS 
are expecting.

In essence, the correct way (if learning correct way of the OS is not an
option) would be to patch your distro's shell to provide a means of creation
"proper" shell shortcuts.
This could be supplemented by extending LO command line, e.g. to be able to
take shell scripts with hashbang like #!path/to/soffice that would contain
name(s) of documents to open. Then, the "shell links patch" would create such

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