--- Comment #2 from Tor Lillqvist <> ---
At least for me in Windows 10, if I have an Explorer window showing my
Documents folder, and I then in LO open a document from there, the lock file
when it appears, goes *last* in the list of files, even if I have them sorted
by name. (If I click on the "Name" column header twice, to re-sort, first into
descending and then again into ascending order, the lock file does move to
where it should be in the order.)

So it seems that Windows itself takes care of the problem in its current
version. Thus at least changing the name of the lock file is probably not worth
it at this stage. (But I still think we should ponder making the lock file not
show up at all. I would hope there must be some easy way to do that in the
Win32 API.)

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