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I found this thread of a similar issue with a different software product:

"We are continuing to work on this issue. We do not yet know exactly what is
causing the crash, but we are getting closer. We believe this is related to
support the "improved support" for extended-range pixel formats and wide-gamut
color spaces that are found on the newer iMac 5k displays. It is possible this
is something that Apple needs to fix, but we may be able to work around it (if
we can reproduce it) now that we can reproduce it on our new(ish) iMac 5k.

@philw Can I please get a copy of your calibrated color profile that is causing
the crash? We are working get our hands on a 5k iMac where this crash is
occurring, but we will need a color profile that is causing the crash to
reproduce it (the default does not seem to crash). I believe you can export
these profiles using the ColorSync utility.

In the meantime, for users that are experiencing the crash (likely on a 5k
iMac), please change your color profile (System Preferences > Display > Color)
to the Standard iMac Apple RGB profile for the time being."

I don't currently have access to my 2560x1440 external display for my Mac Mini
so I am unable to do any additional testing, but if anyone is able to install
and run the MacOS 10.12.1 Beta and confirm whether or not the problem still
exists it might be useful.

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