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--- Comment #3 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
It is a font fallback issue...

On Windows LibreOffice UI is exclusively using system font, Segoe UI (On 8, 8.1
and 10). 

And the problem is Segoe UI has no coverage of the SMP Unicode blocks handled
by emoji.json:

"Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs" 1f300 - 1f5ff
"Emoticons" 1f600 - 1f64f
"Ornamental Dingbats" 1f650 - 1f67f
"Transport and Map Symbols" 1f680 - 1f6f3

Rather, these are mostly covered in other Segoe UI family fonts-- Segoe UI
Symbol and Segoe UI Emoji.  Noto Symbol and Symbola cover the ranges, but
LibreOffice on Windows builds does not fall back to any of those fonts. The
mangled fallback affects both OpenGL with DirectWrite (WinLayout) and GDI
DirectWrite (SimpleWinLayout)--Tor L and Chris S have been chasing this for
months. Maybe the Harfbuzz work (bug 89870) will also resolve this.

On Linux boxes coverage is often provided by a NOTO install or likewise
installing Symbola (apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts, or yum install

George Douros provides license free Symbola font (v.9) here:

DejaVu Sans has limited coverage of the Emoticons--but again no fallback occurs
from system Segoe UI.

Note -- you can force use of the Segoe UI Symbol or Emoji (same coverage in
these ranges) by setting a font substitution replacing Segoe UI with Segoe UI
Symbol (or Emoji). The system font does fall back from the symbols/emoji font
so menus and dialogs are well formed--while retaining the glyphs.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 71732] [META] Bugs related to text rendering, typography and font features
in LO
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