--- Comment #5 from Nicolas Dietrich <> ---
> Sorry, as you note there is nothing broken with the Print
> Preview's scaling a selected range of cells.

The "File > Print Preview" feature does not support the concept of showing only
selected cells, which the main Print actually supports. So this isn't really a
great preview and should be considered broken.

> Addition of either the "Scale" controls from the Sheet tab
> of the Page Style dialog--i.e. a drop list and spinner. Or
> reuse the Print preview's "Scaling Factor" slide bar but add
> the drop list of scaling modes from the Sheet tab (the "Fit
> print" controls are equally useful).

Good possible suggestions.

> An enhancement for that, otherwise closing as NAB

I don't understand the sentance "An enhancement for that". Am I supposed to do
turn this into a feature request somehow? Or can I turn this into a "UX bug"
for this, as in "even if it's somehow possible, this is not what users expect"?

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