--- Comment #2 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
With the mailing list discussion in view, I suppose, that the solution you
implemented would benefit from a warning when closing last window like that:
"You are closing last LibreOffice window. Currently, there are open connections
to this instance of LO. Therefore, it will continue running in background until
the connections are closed by applications using them. To force terminating LO,
use File->Exit LibreOffice".

I would go furhter and add a similar warning at File->Exit LibreOffice, this
time with options to confirm terminating or not.

I'm afraid that this will be opposed as "too intrusive interface". But any "too
intrusive interface" could have an option to be disabled ("Don't show this next
time") for power users; while for ordinary user (whom this feature is tergeted
to, and who are the majority), it could be equally disturbing to find that the
application they had closed is still running without notice, and to find that
other applications that depend on LO (user may be unaware of this) faild
unexpectedly because of his interaction with LO (including Exit LibreOffice).
The warning would make things clear, while achieve the goal: allowing LO to
continue and allow all windows to be closed.

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