--- Comment #6 from Rob Swan <> ---
Not sure that instructions on how to exhibit/repeat the problem were saved as
comment to attachment (??). Here they are again:

Attached is the original file in which I experienced the problem.
I have 'played' with it to try and narrow down the source of the problem, which
does not appear in all cases.

The problem should appear if you load the file in Calc and do exactly the

In Cell Q306 enter 1800.00 (Replacing formula with fixed value)

Then... From Q383 to bottom of Column Q and all of Column R should display

Then... In Cell Q306 enter another fixed value (ie. 1500.00) and the problem
disappears. Also saving and reloading file (with fixed value in Q306) will
cause the problem to disappear. (Other actions may also cause the problem do
disappear for no obvious reason.)

The problem does not occur when a fixed value is entered in any cell in Column
Q - only some. Because of existing data (ie. fixed values in some cells
Q1:Q293) the problem will not appear for values entered in cells above Q294.
Hope this helps. Happy for file to be circulated freely.

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