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> The latest patch set of
> fixes the weird menu placement issue seen in attachment #127917 [details]

I have the same issues on an HiDPI screen.

Eyal Kalderon did not mention that the issues have been introduced after
updating to GTK 3.22. But this is clearly the root of the problem.

I already applied the patches you mentioned and it solves the menu placement.
Using GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5 fixes the size of the icons but also shrink the size of
the font.
My observation about the scaled images are, that they are now somehow scaled
twice. Once by some instance which was added by the updated and once by another
instance (GNOME??) which already scaled it before the updated.
In Eclipse where the icons are also scaled twice the second instance is SWT.
Turning of the swt autoscale fixes the overlarge icons but leaves some tiny
icons which, for some reason are not scaled by the other instance.

3 quarters of the screen are still clipped and no option seemed to help.

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