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--- Comment #24 from Yuri Khan <> ---
I want to resurrect this issue.

I have a Calc spreadsheet with some 75000 rows, three columns, unsaved data.

I inadvertently click the Chart button on the toolbar. LibreOffice takes my
data hostage and hangs. I can either wait for it to show me the dialog box
where I can choose the chart type, or I can kill LibreOffice, losing my data.

Expected behavior:

* After clicking the Chart button or selecting the Insert | Object | Chart menu
command, the Chart Wizard appears and is responsive immediately. The preview
generation is started asynchronously or skipped altogether.

* As the user modifies settings that affect the preview, preview generation is
restarted asynchronously.

* If the user clicks Finish in the Chart Wizard, preview generation is stopped
and the actual chart generation starts. A Stop button is displayed; clicking it
cancels chart generation.

Plotting being slow is not the principal issue here; we all can understand
there are limits to computer performance. However, the user must remain in
control at all times; waiting forever or killing LibreOffice along with the
data is a shitty choice.

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