--- Comment #26 from Adi Meyerhofer <> ---
(In reply to Keith Refson from comment #25)
> Sorry about the delay with this.  I was not yet able to get debugging symbol
> information.
> However I have managed to narrow down the cause a lot further, after
> recovering the "setuptools.pth" in my Python 2.7 local site-packages.  This
> allowed me to identify the single Python package at the root of the crash.
> Skipping any more tedious details, the conclusion is
> If my installation of the Python package "enum" is in the PYTHONPATH, LO
> fails on startup with std::Bad_Alloc.
> If the installation of the Python package "enum" is NOT in PYTHONPATH, LO
> startup succeeds.
> I will upload a tarball containing the offending Python package.  Perhaps
> others can try to see if adding this to your Pythonpath replicates the
> failure?

As promising as your comments are I must say that n my setup, I can not
replicate your solution. That is: 1) I have had NO PYTHONPATH set, 2) even
after (temporarily) renaming the folder /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/enum/
LO crashe on startup as described earlier, viz.:  ksmserver, kdeinit5 and
kglobalaccel5 -- each with segmentation faults.

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