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--- Comment #13 from Johan Brink <> ---
as of this is still a thing.
This has been a problem for a long time, as I have also had the same issue in
earlier versions. I am disappointed to see that it is still not working
As a teacher I have to be able to highlight texts A LOT, when evaluating
student works. Having a working keyboard shortcut for this is essential and
should be an elementary feature.

As per the original report, the highlight color function works to UNhighligt an
already highlighted text, but fails to actually highlight it in the first
Now I know there is a highlight fill function that is supposed to be a
workaround for this. But no. That's not working properly either. Highlight
fill, out of the box does nothing when assigned a shortcut.

As I'm writing this and tinkering with the program (going by earlier comments),
I seem to be able to get it to sometimes work. If I first use the toolbar
option. Then subsequently I can use the shortcut for highlight fill. But it
stops working at random if I do something else in-between. Especially the
highlight function, which there are two of, for some reason (one of which
doesn't work at all) and the highlight fill seem to actively interfere with one

This is clearly not a working solution. It's an un-intuitive mess that has a
life of it's own.

Please prioritize this issue to at least normal level. This is such a basic
function that it is quite literately a deal-breaker for me and I am sure others
as well.

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