--- Comment #4 from Anne McDonald <> ---
(In reply to Aron Budea from comment #3)
> I think this might be the same as bug 99927. See my comment there:
> That bug is actually a bit older, so it might be different, but the symptoms
> seem really similar. That one is triggered by changing fonts, too. The
> selection area becoming scrambled seems to be a difference, but it might
> just be a symptom occuring under certain conditions.
> Do you notice any particular significant differences between the symptoms in
> the two reports?

My apologies for the major delay in responding. I'm new to the bug reporting
process and just realized I needed to respond to your question.

The significant difference is that the document becomes completely unresponsive
and I have to force quit. 

This morning I had an added symptom of the first two paragraphs of text turning
to gibberish when I installed new fonts.

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