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> (In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #35)
> > Decision was made in the design team on Oct/14 to bring back the
> > functionality in the context menu but move it into the upcoming styles
> > submenu. Reason to do so is that we have remove direct formatting in the
> > toolbar now and want to promote styles in general.
> How many time will people spend to click the item from the submenu?

It's good to have it ready at top in the submenu I think yes.

> It is not that there are the item in the menu or not. There are a large
> number of documents, which requires the removing of direct formatting,
> because they were made by ... Why if someone does not know how to work in
> the Writer, people who are able to work have to spend time?

If there is so much direct formatting in a file, I guess removing all is what
is needed, not remove some and keep some other? Isn't it that then one can
simply select large parts and clear at once?

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