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(In reply to Jean-Baptiste Faure from comment #20)
> I disagree with wasting resources to design a GUI installer for Linux. 
> If the user is not an advanced user, he should rely on the version provided
> by its distribution. If this version is too old, he should upgrade its
> distribution or learn the means provided by its distribution to follow the
> most recent version of LibreOffice (ad-hoc ppa in Ubuntu for example).

And this is one reason I had to stop using Linux. I used Ubuntu 11.04, in
Classic, and restoring and widening scrollbars. I couldn't go back to 10.10 lts
because it didn't support the kernel patch for the Alps touchpad on my
computer. I didn't go forward to 11.10 because of reports that it went further
in disabling scrollbars. I think Shuttleworth had commented that "everyone" can
use scrollwheels and gestures, so no one needs scrollbars any more. (Well, I am
not everyone, and I use special scrolling software now but would like wider
scrollbars too.)

It's probably better for different distros to work out how to make a common
installer for multiple distros.

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