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I'm on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), but I *did* observe this bug already in older
versions of Ubuntu (don't remember exact versions). See also the reports of
these users, which suggest that the bug existed already in 2013:

- (not sure if this is the same problem:)

If I open the linked minimal example in 5.2.2, the problem can also be

I can't give instructions for creating the "empty" animation steps. For now, I
just know that they appeared in the slides at one point. As far as I know, the
slides themselves were not imported from any other office format, but created
solely with LO. 

I think, this problem should be attacked from two sides:

1. Empty animation steps should be discarded when opening a file. This should
be the short term solution and should be easy to implement. Note that even when
fixing the creation of empty animation steps, this solution is still needed for
when users open older files.

2. We could investigate how these steps appear and how to avoid that. This
could be harder, since I have no clue how the empty animation steps where
created in the first place.

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