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> You mean like, you type some nonsense words "hdvkj sdvksv" and turn the
> whole thing into a hyperlink? In my case, the spellchecker does not react to
> the hyperlink.

In my case it underlines but problem is fixed after saving and reopening the

I feel it's the same (or related) problem that described described in (my)
comment 25 of bug number 39203.

If you type "This is hdvkj sdvksv" and make "hdvkj sdvksv" a link, the moment
you enter new word underlining will disappear.

But if you type "This is hdvkj sdvksv some example." and then go back and
select "hdvkj sdvksv" and make it a link, underline will remain until reopening
the document.

Similarly to that, if you type, LO will not
preforme spell check (expected).

But if you write, "https" will be
underlined and only way to fix that is to reopen the document as in first

When it comes to spell checker in LO, you never know if it is a one time quirk
or an actual bug.

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