Bug ID: 103266
           Summary: [META] Command line bugs and enhancements
           Product: LibreOffice
           Version: Inherited From OOo
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: LibreOffice
        Depends on: 40186, 40227, 42647, 42871, 46051, 48413, 58422,
                    63570, 69192, 76932, 78523, 81353, 84873, 86784,
                    86896, 87835, 89739, 91622, 91625, 93891, 98153,
                    100826, 100932, 103255

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 40186] Command-line conversion from HTML produces HTML, not RTF, DOC,
etc., if output filter name is not specified explicitely
[Bug 40227] Create new files from the command line
[Bug 42647] command line option to specify password
[Bug 42871] Command line conversion of html to pdf using convert to produces
pdfs that don't look like html
[Bug 46051] Feature Request: Writer->Impress filters and command line support
[Bug 48413] : Command line bulk conversion from doc to odf not working
[Bug 58422] Can't export hidden slides in command line
[Bug 63570] FILESAVE Writer does not evaluate formulas when converting to pdf
or printing by command line
[Bug 69192] SLIDESHOW: add command line switch to start at arbitrary slide
[Bug 76932] No scrolling in --help GUI / "Help Message" window
[Bug 78523] improved commandline conversion
[Bug 81353] RFE: "--" on command line to mark end of options
[Bug 84873] Commandline parameter "--nolockcheck" doesn't work for read-only
shared folder.
[Bug 86784] make soffice commandline in javaunohelper Bootstrap.bootstrap()
[Bug 86896] FRAMEWORK: Command line help not translated
[Bug 87835] Commandline option to launch in slideshow mode and then exit
[Bug 89739] Improve documentation for using command line (CLI) interface
[Bug 91622] Close button in soffice.exe command line help message dialog not
[Bug 91625] Command line conversion does nothing if the file is not in same
[Bug 93891] Add compare documents to command line interface
[Bug 98153] "--convert-to help" command line feature wanted.
[Bug 100826] Libreoffice command line help is unusable under Windows
[Bug 100932] Consider adding logging for command line / shell --headless usage
[Bug 103255] Commandline output not sent to stdout (standard output) on Windows
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