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--- Comment #13 from Aron Budea <> ---
Here's my comment from the other bug report:

"Reproduced with v5.2.1.2 / Windows 7.
Filing crash report wasn't offered, and WinDbg backtrace was useless, the only
result of the analysis was that the application had exited.

This is the content of opengl_device.log:

DriverDate: 6-18-2010
DeviceID: PCI\VEN_102B&DEV_2539&SUBSYS_0040102B&REV_01
AdapterVendorID: 0x102b
AdapterDeviceID: 0x2539
AdapterSubsysID: 0x0040102b
DeviceString: Matrox Millennium P690 PCIe x16"

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 94691] [META] OpenGL bugs
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