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--- Comment #8 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
I've seen the flickering scrollbars for years and it has been around since the
start center document view was implemented. It happens in all vcl backends
except gtk3 and this also affects the template manager which uses the same
widgets/controls (sfxlo-RecentDocsView, sfxlo-TemplateDefaultView,
sfxlo-TemplateSearchView, sfxlo-TemplateLocalView).

Flickering documents by scrolling up and down with the mouse wheel has also
been there since the beginning, but it got worse with the 5.0 release, as
likely it can refresh it faster but doesnt provide a smooth scrolling motion
because it jumps so much per movement.

The flickering when you mouseover documents is because of the refresh of the
highlight when the mouse moves over the tooltip.

I've seen the glitchy highlights boxes for a long time as well, but believe it
has been fixed, as i havent seen it in a while.

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