--- Comment #12 from Sean Carlos <> ---
I was caught off guard by this problem and confirm it persists in LibreOffice The bug title is misleading IMHO: text highlighting is lost in
presentation mode, it doesn't render at all. It is also lost when saving a
presentation as a PDF which is where I discovered it.

As others have noted, the problem is due to a well-intended but problematic
partial implementation.

The added highlighting is only visible during editing, not during presentation
nor after export to a PDF (and perhaps other formats). In some cases, e.g.
highlighted text with a background image, the text may become impossible to
read, not a nice scenario to discover during a presentation!

Since the feature is rather broken in its current state, it might make for a
better user experience to remove it for now from the UI.


1. Original behind the scenes initial implementation

2. Partial feature enabled in user interface

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