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           Hardware|x86-64 (AMD64)              |All
            Version| release             |Inherited From OOo
             Blocks|                            |103239, 103100
            Summary|Formatting table borders    |Toolbar table borders
                   |resets spacing to contents  |control cause spacing to
                   |(and vice-versa) (see       |content issues
                   |comment 3)                  |
                 OS|Linux (All)                 |All

--- Comment #6 from Yousuf Philips (jay) <> ---
I had stopped at step 3 of route A as i assume it had the same behaviour as
route B's 2b onwards, so i didnt see the remaining issue. Lets focus on this
one aspect and any other issues should be filed as separate bugs.

1) Open Writer
2) Insert a 1x5 table
3) Add numbers from 1 to 5 to each row
4) Table > Properties > Borders and set spacing to content to 0 and set borders
lines to none
5) Select rows 2 and 3 and in the table toolbar, set the borders to line above
and below
6) Notice rows 2 and 3 now have spacing to content different to other rows
7) Select rows 2 and 3 and Table > Properties > Borders and see spacing to
content is set to 0.10cm

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 103100] [META] Writer table bugs and enhancements
[Bug 103239] [META] Toolbars bugs and enhancements
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