--- Comment #9 from Ophir LOJKINE <> ---
Indeed! Thank you, you solved my problem, and I can now export PDF correctly.

But I still think this is a bug.

When you print a document that has comments, you have an option to print the
comments in the margins. I once printed a document like that.

But the problem is that this option is REMEMBERED by LibreOffice forever, even
for documents that don't have comments. And worst, this option is used for PDF
export too, even if it isn't even present (or at least I didn't see it) it the
PDF export panel.

Even worse: when a document doesn't have comments, you can't change this option
in print options. This means that in order to remove these ridiculous margins,
you have to add a comment in your current document, choose "File > Print",
select "comments: none", then press "cancel", then remove the comments you just
added, and then finally you can export your document as PDF !!!

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