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Some more info:
Although there are a number of fields in the template, the enumeration only
finds one item, so that single item is probably not a textfield anyway - hence
why supportsService fails. Seems the enum doesn't recognize any formfields at

Btw; same problem in C# :
XEnumeration xEnumTxtFields = xEnumTxtFieldsAccess.createEnumeration();
while (xEnumTxtFields.hasMoreElements()) {
  uno.Any xTextFld0 = xEnumTxtFields.nextElement();
  XTextField xTextFld = (XTextField)xTextFld0.Value;
  // Verify that field is an Input Field.

It finds only one single item and it ain't no texfield...  

Again, this code has worked with openoffice for years. Actually, I think I even
ran it successfully for a while in early LO - shortly after the separation from


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