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This is a long-standing bug, caused by differences between the way OOXML and
ODF model bibliographic entries.

Would it be possible to have a tracking bug, so that:

a) it's easy for interested users such as myself to see when the support has
been implemented.

b) it's easy for users who have this problem to find that it's a missing

c) for users who do file duplicate bugs, they can be marked as duplicates of
the tracker bug.

Also, the tracker bug should be exempt from the automatic bot that closes bugs
that have not seen activity in a long time. (This is an annoyance with this
automatic closing process: bugs about missing functionality are unlikely to be
closed simply by the passage of time; by automatically closing such bugs, both
users and maintainers are unnecessarily caused a lot of work, either by
refiling them over and over again, or by being asked, once a year, to confirm
the bug still exists.)

For this bug in particular, it's one of the main reasons I still have to use
Microsoft Word. I would like not to have to search every year or two to see if
it still exists, but simply to find out when the functionality has been
implemented. (My understanding is that it's possible to implement with ODF 1.2,
it's simply a matter of someone doing the work.)

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