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--- Comment #13 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
This started somewhere before Version:
Build ID: 33224f4f11a05cfad2249e812fcc2975fbb61f6

The stated version already crashes saving attachment 126630 as ODG, while does not -> regression, preBibisect.

No crash with Version:
Build ID: 1:5.2.2-0ubuntu1~xenial0
CPU Threads: 1; OS Version: Linux 4.4; UI Render: default; 
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); Calc: group

No bibisect repository for that commit range for Windows -> notBibisectable.

The initial crash (on current master) happens in void vcl::Window::dispose() at
line 547 of vcl/source/window/window.cxx:
> pSysWin = pSysWin->mpWindowImpl->mpFrameData->mpNextFrame;

because pSysWin happens to be nullptr.
Actually, all the block starting from line 539:
> if ( mpWindowImpl->mbFrame )
fails because it tries to use mpWindowImpl->mpFrame and
mpWindowImpl->mpFrameData, that are both nullptr for some reason.

If line 539 is fixed this way:
> if ( mpWindowImpl->mbFrame && mpWindowImpl->mpFrame && 
> mpWindowImpl->mpFrameData )
then next crash happens in ::std::shared_ptr<FrameworkHelper>
FrameworkHelper::Instance (ViewShellBase& rBase) at line 333 of
> InstanceMap::const_iterator iHelper (maInstanceMap.find(&rBase));
This time, it turns out that static maInstanceMap gets cleared somewhere
previously, but somehow incorrectly, so that its size is 0, but _Myhead's
_Mytop, _Myleft and _Myright members do not point to _Myhead but to 0xdddddddd,
and _Myproxy is 0x00000000 (in essence, maInstanceMap is ruined), so find()

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