--- Comment #2 from Heiko Tietze <> ---
bug 52391 - Rejected changes in character attributes are accepted instead of
bug 58813 - Can't reject format changes in "Accept or Reject Changes" dialog or
via context menu
bug 79197 - unable to add track change comment with left to right selection
bug 79420 - show modifications from change control at margin like a comment
bug 83947 - No visual indication that a tracked change has a comment
bug 83950 - End/Beginning of document loop dialog
bug 83956 - uno commands for Accept All and Reject All
bug 83958 - Automatic activation of the changes toolbar when a track changes
document opens
bug 84300 - 'Next Change' and 'Accept change' skip changes that are right next
to the selected one
bug 84407 - compare document shouldnt load accept/reject dialog if activated
from toolbar
bug 87491 - After opening a document with changes and click next change the
comment on change Function is not enabled for the first change
bug 87695 - Improvements to new track changes sidebar tab
bug 89991 - Save ODT as DOCX turns on Show Changes when Record Changes also on
bug 90964 - Comments not shown is the Manage Changes sidebar dialog
bug 91838 - Reject tracked changes does not undo formatting
bug 91841 - Table rows should use system default colors
bug 91983 - Manage changes does not follow changes to Style elements
bug 95978 - tracking changes also in Draw and Impress
bug 100924 - Clicking at changed text in the document does not synchronize with
the active item in list of changes
bug 101977 - More uno commands for accepting/rejecting changes
bug 103638 - When tracking changes, deleting a paragraph break does not update
the view until show changes is toggled
bug 104006 - Needed an option provides "never don't show tracking info" when
open a file

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