--- Comment #2 from Alex Thurgood <> ---
Unfortunately, I have no way to test this, as I'm in Europe where A4 is the
default paper size. If I try to print out your document to my HP networked
laser printer, I get asked to insert Letter sized paper in tray 2. As I don't
have any Letter sized paper, I of course inserted A4, which then proceeds to
print the 3 pages of the document as they appear on screen with LibreOffice, so
no repro for me, but the test conditions aren't those that you have.

Build ID: d54a8868f08a7b39642414cf2c8ef2f228f780cf
Threads CPU : 2; Version de l'OS :Mac OS X 10.12.1; UI Render : par défaut; 
Locale : fr-FR (fr_FR.UTF-8); Calc: group

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