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A file with validity list in A1 having a "2,3" item

This is a complex problem.
1. When saving the file from LO, it creates the following items in sheetN.xml:
>  <dataValidations count="1">
>    <dataValidation allowBlank="true" operator="equal" showDropDown="false" 
> showErrorMessage="true" showInputMessage="false" sqref="A1" type="list">
>      <formula1>&quot;1,2,3,4&quot;</formula1>
>      <formula2>0</formula2>
>    </dataValidation>
>  </dataValidations>

2. When opening in Excel 2013, correcting and saving back, it saves this:
>  <dataValidations count="1">
>    <dataValidation type="list" operator="equal" allowBlank="1" 
> showErrorMessage="1" sqref="A1">
>      <mc:AlternateContent 
> xmlns:x12ac=""; 
> xmlns:mc="";>
>        <mc:Choice Requires="x12ac">
>          <x12ac:list>1,"2,3",4</x12ac:list>
>        </mc:Choice>
>        <mc:Fallback>
>          <formula1>"1,2,3,4"</formula1>
>        </mc:Fallback>
>      </mc:AlternateContent>
>    </dataValidation>
>  </dataValidations>

Note that it uses x12ac:list, which is discussed here:
- and it is only available since v.2013.

When opening the above Excel-saved file in LO, it doesn't import validity
condition (incl.list) properly (test the attachment).

3. I don't have Excel 2010 to test, but testing with Excel 2007, it seems to be
unable to create such items itself, so possibly it's missing functionality in
versions prior to 2013.

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