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(In reply to Telesto from comment #6)
> Created attachment 130370 [details]
> Example file


> @Cor
> I have created a better example to illustrate the inconsistency:
> 1. Open attached file
> 2. Drag ABC in the empty space  between ZZZ - ZZZ (second ABC will be red)
> 3. Reset (CTRL+Z) drag ABC into the empty space between YYY - YYY (second
> ABC will be red)

I confirm that.

> 4. Reset (CTRL+Z) drag DEF between ZZZ - ZZZ (both will stay black)
> 5. Reset (CTRL+Z) drag DEF between YYY - YYY (both will stay black)

That too.
However... now reset. Ctrl+Z, select DEF, Ctrl+M (it has direct formatting, and
ABC hasn't) and drag DEF again to ZZZ and YYY areas.
Now it behaves the same as when you drag ABC..
(The other way round, applying Black color to ABC, makes it behave as your DEF.

> The text should stay black (as I see it).

Pasting text without direct formatting in an area with direct formatting, makes
the pasted text get the direct formatting.
Pasting text with direct formatting in an area with direct formatting, makes
the pasted text retain its original direct formatting.
That is what you found in your initial test too.
And it has nothing to do with a table or not.

I close this issue as NotABug

> Same behavior can be found in Word

And should this be seen as a sign of proper or improper behavior :) ?
But indeed, Word ignores the direct formatting of the area you paste the text
without direct formatting.

This could be an issue for debate - how to go around with direct and style
formatting in all kind of situations. Depending on probably philosophy, ODF
specs, etc..

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