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I have tested with

Build-ID: 4c8be6327f6d71d426bbf9887fd7d8a24ffd06a3
CPU-Threads: 4; BS-Version: Windows 6.2; UI-Render: Standard; Layout-Engine:
TinderBox: Win-x86@62-merge-TDF, Branch:libreoffice-5-3, Time:
Gebietsschema: de-DE (de_DE); Calc: group

and with

Version: (x64)
Build-ID: 0312e1a284a7d50ca85a365c316c7abbf20a4d22
CPU-Threads: 4; BS-Version: Windows 6.19; UI-Render: Standard; 
Gebietsschema: de-DE (de_DE); Calc: group

Results of both tests: OK! LO crashes no longer.

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